Colorescience Products

About Colorescience

Colorescience was originally created for vulnerable skin.  Easily blended, and breathable, this line features custom-refined minerals and nutrient rich ingredients.  Its everything your skin needs to age well.  

Colorescience sets the standard for beautiful and healthy skin care.  You will experience radiance and lasting results.  That is the Colorescience commitment to its users.  

These products can give you 365 day protection against harmful UV rays and other environmental factors that stress your skin. 

The products are available in our office. 


SU Wellness & Aesthetics is please to offer you "All Calm"  An amazing new product by Colorescience that is a clinical redness corrector with an SPF of 50.  This product instantly calms and soothes skin and neutralizes redness.  It contains a BioSolace (patient pending_ complex that helps provide ongoing relief from sensitivity and the appearance of redness.  

Unforgettable - Brush On Sunscreen

With an SPF of 50, this brush on Sunscreen offers powerful UVA/UVB protection  Use it alone, or over makeup.  Combines a broad spectrum SPF and finishing powder in one easy, on-the-go application. 

Even Up - Clinical Pigment Perfector

This popular product helps brighten and correct your skin while providing an SPF of 50.  Even Up is lightly tinted and helps diminish the appearance of pigment issues and skin coloration while instantly blurring stubborn brown spots.  It also help protect you again future sun damage. 

Natural Finish Pressed Foundation

This natural finish pressed foundation with an SPF of 20 is so lightweight you almost forget you are wearing foundation.  if you are looking for a product that is hydrating, protective and light weight this is just for you.  Its time to reveal your smoother, radiant complexion today. 

More Products

While the above are some of our more popular products, we also offer the following:

MASCARA:   This mascara is specially formulated to enhance the appearance of length and thickness - lash by lash.  It has a peptide blend that helps nourish, condition and prevent breakage. 

Lip shine (Lip Serum):  These lip serums are designed specifically to improve the look and feel of lips.  It contains a powerful peptide combined with liquid crystals to form a glossy serum for all-day shine.  Not to mention the sun protection with an SPF of 35. Available in severals colors:  Clear, Coral, Rose, Champagne, Siren

Mineral Corrector Palette:  this is a multi-function palette of color that helps instantly correct the look of imperfections.  It contains five shades to neutralize those red, blue and yellow tones that contribute to uneven skin tone  Long lasting, and natural coverage with an SPF of 20. 

Hydrating Setting Mist:  Ever feel like your makeup fades throughout the day?  This amazing hydrating mist will set your makeup and keep your skin feeling fresh and looking fresh throughout the day.  Locks in  moisture and makeup and revitalizes your complexion.  

Anti-Aging Serum:   This is a clinically tested, three in one product that includes a peptide blend, hyaluronic acid and cosmetic enhancing ingredients.. Formulated to diminish the look of wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin.  Can be used by all skin types.  

Hear Melanie's Story

Hear Melanie's story of how she has battled hyper pigmentation, and the way Colorescience has improved her confidence and changed her looks.